Mission Committee

At St. Paul's we believe in being a part of the broader community of Nantucket particularly in ways in which we can support the economically challenged or can make available our facilities for these communities and the broader public.  Current outreach activities include:
  • (New) Monthly, St. Paul's provides free laundry service ("Laundry Love") to those who bring their laundry at the local laundromat.
  • Members of St. Paul's are active in Nantucket's Habitat for Humanity that builds reasonably priced home for Nantucket residents.  The use of volunteer labor among other things helps reduce the cost of each constructed home.
  • Nantucket's Food Pantry is used at least once a year and frequently much more often by almost 25% of Nantucket's Residents.  We support the Food Pantry with monthly collections and several members of our congregation volunteer at the Food Pantry.
  • Gardner Hall (St. Paul's) is used for services  by Nantucket's New Life Ministries.
  • With its commercial kitchen Gardner Hall is an attractive place for third parties to meet, greet and eat!