Giving to St. Paul's Church

Why Your Support of St. Paul’s Church is Important

Annually St. Paul’s Church solicits pledges from members of our Congregation.  Our long term goal is to have this Stewardship activity fund Church operations, allowing our fund raising events, such as the Summer Fair and the Christmas Market to support the Nantucket Community.  At this time, receipts from our Stewardship efforts fall short of this goal causing us to rely on our fund raising activities to fill the operational gap as well as fund our outreach. 

Your support is critical in allowing us to engage in expanded Community support. When you increase your financial support, Outreach activities are expanded.  Community Outreach includes, but is not limited to, meal programs for the needy and locked in, support of the Island's mental health providers, Laundry Love and The Food Pantry.  It also helps support our Pastoral Care activities.

How to Donate to St. Paul's

For wire transfers of cash or stock, please contact the Parish Administrator for further information and specific instructions. 

It is the policy of the church to immediately sell any shares of stock that are donated. Commonwealth Financial Services, acting as our agent, receives any donated shares, sells them and then sends a check to the church. 

If there are any questions about a stock transfer to the church, please contact Commonwealth’s Service Center at 781 529-9808 or the church at 508 228-0916. 

Commonwealth does not notify us of donations thus donors of stock should notify the Treasurer of the donor’s name, the name of the stock and the number of shares, so that they may be credited to the donor.  Homeland Security restrictions do not permit brokers to give the donor’s name to the church. The check we receive from Commonwealth does not include the name of the donor.

You may contact us:

Donate by Credit Card

You can make a gift to Church using a credit card by clicking on this link.  If you would like to get additional information about gifting or pursue other types of contribution,please contact either the Church Office or our  

Name St. Paul's as your preferred Charity on Amazon Smile

Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchases to St. Paul's if you make your purchases on Amazon Smile.  When asked to identify a charity simply type in and select St. Paul's Church in Nantucket.  Using Amazon Smile in no way comprises the benefits of Amazon Prime.


Other Ways to Support St. Paul's 

Annual Giving

Our budget, our operation, and our mission depend on predictable support from our parishioners and friends. In each fall, we hold a Stewardship drive, in which we ask for pledges or gifts to support the church and its work for the coming year. The results of this campaign allow us to forecast our income for the coming year and adjust our plans and programs accordingly. Please consider supporting this campaign. By making an annual pledge or gift, you are helping St. Paul's Church to answer God's call to the ministries that educate us, spiritually prepare us, and improve our local and global community

Please contact the Church Office if you would like more information or are interested in making a pledge or gift to St. Paul's Church. 

Planned Giving

Throughout the years, many of those who care deeply about St. Paul’s Church have expressed their love of this great church and their gratitude to God by including St. Paul’s Church in their estate planning. Those who do so are recognized as members of the Caroline French Society. 

This Society was formed in 2006, as a way to recognize our members and friends who have included St. Paul’s Church in their estate plans. It was created to commemorate Caroline L. W. French of Boston. Miss French was one of those lured to Nantucket, in the 1880s and 1890s, to spend the season “where summer is five Septembers long!” Her island philanthropies were many, and she recognized that the tired, small, wooden church on Fair Street would not be adequate to serve the community as it moved into the 20th century. A life-long Episcopalian, she approached the vestry of St. Paul’s Church and offered to build a new, more substantial church to be a memorial to her father, Jonathan French, “an old-time merchant of Boston.” Her remarkable gift to St. Paul’s Church is the special building in which we worship today!

For more information about including St. Paul's in your estate plan, please contact our Treasurer.

All Bequests to St. Paul's, absent a contrary direction by the donor, are added to our endowment, the income from, but not the principal of, which supplements funds raised through our Stewardship, fund raising events such as the Fairs, and other gifts and contributions.

For further ways to support St. Paul's please contact our Treasurer at:   or via this